Winconnection Firewall

Monitoring and simplified management of their networks, internet and VPN connections.

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Winconnection Firewall is adaptive, automatically setting up as the services are enabled and disabled.

You get VPN, whitelist / blacklist applications, real-time reports, load balancing, bandwidth control, fault alarms and attacks.

Complementing the firewall, IPS detects attempted attacks, immediately blocking the source IP.

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Control access to the Internet

Set which programs can access the internet

Authorize and / or prohibit access to Internet programs, avoiding the use of programs that are at odds with the company's policy, such as torrent systems and other TCP / IP applications.

Remote access and interbranch

The employees of your company can remotely access the internal network through an encrypted secure connection (VPN-SSL), increasing productivity. The Winconnection VPN solution allows you to connect the company's offices, using existing Internet links. So you can easily create a private and secure communication network involving affiliates (or stores) and the matrix.

Monitor and optimize your network

Keep your network security

Winconnection's Firewall is smart, automatically setting up as the services are enabled and disabled. In network management, you can make adjustments and determine the blockade of protocol types, which gives great flexibility to the solution.

Alarm monitoring

Winconnection allows sending e-mail messages or the execution of a program defined by the administrator in case of problems with Internet connections, attacks, bandwidth consumption and problems in the e-mail queue.

Reports and real-time monitoring

By monitoring network, have full reports of Internet access by user, domain, or browsing you can evaluate access policies and manage them based on the data.
The reports can be exported in PDF or CSV format.

Bandwidth control - QoS

Control the use of connections, limiting or prioritizing certain users or services.

Load Balancing

Many businesses need more than one connection in case of failure. For this, Winconnection provides load balancing among the available connections. This feature differs from processes based on connections with replacement failures by hot-standby connection because it has better use of all the resources that are working, keeping them in the activity as long as possible.








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