Winconnection Mail Server

E-mail control for your business from anywhere, anytime.

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Winconnection Mail Server can be used as MX server from a domain or be configured to fetch messages from a server in the cloud.

Messages exchanged between local users do not go on-line, hence streamlining communication and increasing productivity while optimizing the use of your connection.

With e-mail filter it is possible to create rules for different message profile, such as directing mail to a particular industry or employee.

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Your e-mail safe

Access your email from anywhere

With IMAP service you have access to your emails, including read anywhere. Also, you can manage emails simply and securely via an SSL connection. Access can be made through your favorite email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) or via Webmail.

E-mails with local access

By storing emails in the company, access is done locally quickly. The internal company e-mails do not need to go through the Internet, bringing speed and bandwidth savings.

Powerful e-mail filter

It allows you to create global and user rules to redirect, copy, delete and automatically respond to messages. These rules are based on filters that use the header fields and the message envelope and source IP addresses.

Create e-mail accounts for internal use only

With Filter's email Winconnection, you can set some accounts only use the internal email. E-mails coming from or sent out are blocked.

Usage reports

It provides global usage statistics and per user, number of messages sent and received, error statistics, spam and viruses. It also allows the tracking messages.


Web Mail

  • IMAP server.
  • Message Filter.
  • SMTP, POP and IMAP protocols.
  • Per user quota control.
  • SSL option for the accepted protocols.
  • Mapper POP - periodically accesses external mailboxes and move them to the local server.
  • Backup configurable automatic.
  • List management.
  • Away messages.
  • PHP programming API for incoming emails.
  • Usage reports.
  • Tracking messages.
  • Global rules and redirect users to copy, delete and reply to messages.
  • Multiple domains with the possibility to set different relays per domain.

Intrusion Prevention System - IPS

  • Detection and blocking attacks to break the password by trial and error.
  • Detection and blocking of port scan (port scan).
  • Detection of malicious code injection lock.


  • Web based administration.
  • Centralized management of subsidiaries.
  • Integrated reporting.
  • Integration with MS Active Directory.
  • Viewing active connections.
  • Possibility to link user IP or MAC address.
  • Exclusion option logs users (eg board).
  • Auto update.
  • Fault monitoring with alarms via email or predefined program execution.

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