Mail Server

Winconnection offers a simple and complete e-mail server with the necessary features for an enterprise server.


In addition to the SMTP and POP, Winconnection supports IMAP protocols, to keep e-mails organized in folders on the server allows access to all messages from any computer. Ideal when you access the e-mail from the office, notebook and mobile phone. Another unique feature is Winconnection POP Mapper which allows messages hosted on a POP server is automatically brought to the local e-mail server Winconnection. This is done by associating an external e-mail account to a local user.

Message Filter

The powerful message filter enables a series of actions based on header fields and e-mail envelope as Freely, recipient and subject, and source IP, message size and others. These rules can be global or per user. Custom filters can be created in PHP to perform more specific actions according to their needs. The ability to copy to another e-mail coupled with reports allows them to be made, if necessary, audit of e-mails sent or received.


Winconnection Antispam prevents malicious e-mails overloading the mail servers and compromise the security of the company. Developed with the American technology company MailShell , the market leader in this segment. Messages considered spam can be filtered (deleted or moved) directly on the e-mails from Winconnection server. Among the resources, we highlight Blacklist and Whitelist domains, IPS, SPF and Sender reputation that uses a real time database. An e-mail can be sent daily with a summary of e-mails quarantined. Thus, in a quick way, the user can check if there was a false positive, i.e. a message marked as SPAM improperly. Antispam does not require installation; simply activate the license in Winconnection Administrator.


Reports show global or per - user usage statistics. Among the information presented are:. Number of Internet messages and external messages with viruses, spam and beyond bad message also allows message tracking.


To avoid running out of disk space per user usage quotas can be set. The administrator can set days and times for automatic backups.
Automatic Subscriptions can be appended to the end of outgoing messages.
Finally, distribution lists are easily configured allowing the creation of aliases (e.g.: financial, management, etc.) that will be forwarded the people on the list.


The e-mail Winconnection has several features related to security. Starting with the use of SSL, which is used for secure transactions on the Internet as access to banks and on-line stores, with the supported protocols. It also allows the virus scan messages if AVG© is installed on the mail server. Another feature is based on attachment blocking the extension thereby preventing the downloading potentially dangerous files, for example, executables.

Automatic e-mail reply

These responses are very used to warn that the recipient is on vacation. In addition to setting the text, the user can set the start and end dates of sending the automatic response.