Winconnection Web Filter Firewall

Use the Internet in an aware and professional way, increasing its productivity.

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Winconnection Web Filter Firewall controls access to your company's Internet, analyzing and submitting the traffic to the defined usage policy and security.

With the HTTPS Inspection Tool, you have more detailed information and control on web access.

You can manage multiple links with load balancing, increasing connectivity without neglecting security.

Load balancing allows you to set the proportion to which the data will be distributed on each connection. You can also select services and addresses to be preferred or exclusively directed to a particular connection.

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Control access to the Internet

HTTPS Inspector

Inspect the accesses of users of your corporate network to the Internet (even when done through secure HTTPS connections), such as keywords used in Google searches or videos accessed on Youtube.

Safe Search and Restrict Mode

With Safe Search, you can prevent inappropriate or explicit images or videos (and results linked to this theme) from appearing in Google Search results.

Restricted Mode filters YouTube content that may be inappropriate and you prefer not to have access.

With Winconnection, both Google Safe Search and YouTube Restricted Mode can be set to be enabled, preventing users from turning them off on their computers.

Set which programs can access the internet

Authorize and / or prohibit access to Internet programs, avoiding the use of programs that are at odds with the company's policy, such as torrent systems and other TCP / IP applications.

Web Filter

With Web Filter you can allow and block websites according to category (e.g. pornography) through blacklists and whitelists that you create as needed, by using URLs or wildcards. The access may be prohibited, permitted without restriction, allowed at certain times, limited navigation time or bytes transferred.

Remote access and interbranch

The employees of your company can remotely access the internal network through an encrypted secure connection (VPN-SSL), increasing productivity. The Winconnection VPN solution allows you to connect the company's offices, using existing Internet links. So you can easily create a private and secure communication network involving affiliates (or stores) and the matrix.

Monitor and optimize your network

Keep your network security

Winconnection's Firewall is smart, automatically setting up as the services are enabled and disabled. In network management, you can make adjustments and determine the blockade of protocol types, which gives great flexibility to the solution.

Alarm monitoring

Winconnection allows sending e-mail messages or the execution of a program defined by the administrator in case of problems with Internet connections, attacks, bandwidth consumption and problems in the e-mail queue.

Reports and real-time monitoring

By monitoring network, have full reports of Internet access by user, domain, or browsing you can evaluate access policies and manage them based on the data.
The reports can be exported in PDF or CSV format.

Bandwidth control - QoS

Control the use of connections, limiting or prioritizing certain users or services.

Load Balancing

Many businesses need more than one connection in case of failure. For this, Winconnection provides load balancing among the available connections. This feature differs from processes based on connections with replacement failures by hot-standby connection because it has better use of all the resources that are working, keeping them in the activity as long as possible.

Captive Portal for Hotspot

Control and manage guest´s Internet access

The Winconnection Captive Portal allows your guests to access internet through hotspots, with no need to register in advance.

Network administrator defines access rules for the guests (eg maximum browsing time, bandwidth, and block sites by category).

Guest authentication can be done in different ways (eg MAC, IP, etc.) and integrated with other existing systems through API.

The login page can be customized as needed.



  • Managing and monitoring networks.
  • Multiple connections to the Internet with load balancing.
  • QoS - allows prioritization or bandwidth guarantee to users or services.
  • Lock protocol and port.
  • Automatic configuration (intelligent firewall).
  • Nat forward and reverse.
  • Reports of use of links.
  • Whitelist / Blacklist programs that can access the internet.

Intrusion Prevention System - IPS

  • Detection and blocking attacks to break the password by trial and error.
  • Detection and blocking of port scan (port scan).
  • Detection of malicious code injection lock.

Web Filter

  • Automatic classification of sites.
  • Navigation limit per time.
  • Lock programs for anonymous browsing.
  • Blocking invalid certificates.
  • Web filter (allow and block sites with whitelist and blacklist).
  • Access rules for users, groups or IP addresses.
  • Cache.
  • Transparent proxy.
  • Access reports.


  • Web based administration.
  • Centralized management of subsidiaries.
  • Integrated reporting.
  • Integration with MS Active Directory.
  • Viewing active connections.
  • Possibility to link user IP or MAC address.
  • Exclusion option logs users (eg board).
  • Auto update.
  • Fault monitoring with alarms via email or predefined program execution.


  • PC network topology or network-network.
  • Compatible with any firewall.
  • Easy installation.
  • Bidirectional access.
  • Any type of traffic: access to servers and remote printers, desktops, cameras, etc.

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