Other Resources

Web server

The Winconnection comes with a simple Web server. It allows the creation of dynamic pages in PHP. Supports HTTPS for secure communication, ensuring the confidentiality of information transmitted and received.

DHCP server

Facilitates configuration of the local network by centralizing the network settings. Thus, the IP addresses and masks, default gateway and DNS servers do not need to be configured on each computer. In addition to making the management easier, it reduces the occurrence of setting errors.

The DHCP server Winconnection lets you set ranges of IPs available for allocation, reserve IPs and associated IPs to specific MAC addresses (important for network servers).

Available in versions Web Filter Firewall and VPN Firewall.

FTP and FTPS server

FTP is an established protocol for file transfer there are several publishing tools compatible with it. By having commands in text mode, it is very easy to analyze activity logs to an FTP server.

However, this protocol all communication, including the user name and password, travels openly on the network, making it very unsafe. To work around this problem, FTPS (FTP over SSL) arose, where all communication takes place in a secure channel SLL (encrypted).

Available on the Web Filter Firewall version.

DNS Cache

The names used on the Internet, for example need to be translated into network addresses or IP addresses used by computers and routers. For this there is the Domain Name System (DNS) with distributed servers that make this conversion. The DNS cache Winconnection saves the responses of DNS requests avoiding new query to external servers, thus optimizing the use of the Internet.

Available in versions Web Filter Firewall and VPN Firewall.

Winco Messenger

System simple messages and easy to install, ideal for internal communication. The server is enabled on Winconnection and a small client program that requires no installation, it is used in workstations. It allows communication in both internal network and on remote computers connected to the Internet.