Learn more about Web Filters

Internet access is essential to any company: relationships with customers, partners and suppliers, banking applications, cloud computing and information search, etc.

But at the same time it is a productivity tool, it is an inexhaustible source of dispersion: Youtube, Facebook, online shopping, games, etc.

Balancing the use of the Internet so that companies can benefit from the advantages without sacrificing productivity is key.

Blocking sites or services not related to work is not always the best solution and may even generate dissatisfaction. A complete tool for web content control should be flexible, allowing the release by time and usage time. This kind of action helps to improve the company's image with employees.

Internet Access Control

Winconnection has the ideal solution to balance the use of the Internet in business, allowing you to create flexible policies to control access through automatic content filters and URL classification. These rules allow you to define how each user or group of users can access certain URLs or content categories (e.g. pornography).


The management reports enable the network administrator to make adjustments in policies and access rules based on a user accesses data, domains, access times and total pages and files accessed by day.