Release Notes

Winco Messenger

Version 2.0b released on 08/26/2004


  • Recording information in audible alert were not being recorded.
  • Removed system debug messages.

Version 2.0a released on 08/10/2004


  • Automatic login was not working properly.

Version 2.0 released on 07/29/2004)


  • Use permission control in the user base.
  • File transference.
  • It features automatic search contacts based on Winconnection user list.
  • Saves the contact list on the server.
  • Message History sent and received.
  • It can serve both the internal network and external (internet).
  • Audible alert.
  • Sending Broadcast (message to all).
  • Away user warning (with a screen saver).
  • New layout.